Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Welcome to the NHK... 12/25/06

Wow. This series ended at 24 eps, which was just perfect in what they wanted to portray. Welcome to the NHK comes across as an expose on the hikikomori mindset, what it takes to get there and what it takes to get out, with all the mad cap calamity that goes with it; as well as the tragedy. But it's not only the main character Satou who has issues to deal with as each of the supporting characters has his or her own baggage to bear.

It was a roller coaster ride for me as I routed for Satou and Misaki to get their acts together and was often thwarted in what I thought should have been the outcome of each episode. In the end I got what I wanted in a sense in that the lives of these two people remained intertwined as I thought they should be.

I recommend this series and rated it masterpiece on ANN's database.

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