Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Getting things rolling...

OK, I've gone back a few posts and am ready to get this blog kicked off!

I hope this is as enjoyable as the last!

Full Metal Alchemist... 02/14/07

I finished a full viewing of Full Metal Alchemist today and immediately (well after a Valentine's Day dinner with the family) went and bought the DVD for the movie, Conqueror of Shambala. It was outstanding, especially how the events dealing with Edward on Earth flowed with historical events in Weimar Germany. I found myself wanting what happened throughout, however the arrival of one of the humunculi took me by surprise. It was funny how Ed reacted to earthly couterparts of chara that he had dealings with in his own world.

I recommend bothe the TV series and the movie and rated both Excellent on ANN.

Re: Cutey Honey 02/11/07

I finally got around to finishing this title. Honestly I don't know why I put it off. It may have been in deference to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, but I finished those long ago it seems.

Re: Cutey Honey has our heroine battling her prototype, Sister Jill, and her minions to save the world from Jill's megalomania. There is more than enough fan service to sate even the most jaded otaku. It really does have a great story, really!

Check it out if you can (and can stand a great deal of fan service nudity!); I rated it an "excellent" on ANN.

Hotori - Tada Saiwai wo Koinegau 1/31/07

(The image here did not transfer over...)

I had to mention this title here. I hadn't cried while watching anime in a long time, so I wanted to get around to watching this one. It was lighthearted in a way, but realistic (as realistic as Sci-Fi can get), but it struck me in the middle of it and pulled on my heart-strings.

A boy robot is being given artificial memories to replace a couples lost child. He befriends a human girl who is his opposite; she is losing her prescious memories as the day go by.

I recommend this highly and rated it a masterpeice on ANN.

Too much time in forums = little time for this blog! 12/29/06

I've been catching up with the ANN anime forum lately. They have changed a bit from when I was last there (probably July?) and the rules have gotten a little stricter. They did have alot of newby posters that don't bother with rules over spring break and the summer, so it's understandable.

There are awesome hidden links to voice actor polls on the ASOS Brigade site! So far you can vote your choice for the english VA's for Mikuru and Yuki! If the studio goes with the winners of the polls, it will be a great service of and for the fans!

I finished Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars on Select On Demand recently. It was a decent title and had a decent story, but may turn out boring for some. I enjoyed all the Japanese cultural references in it and how the students coelesced in seemless unity. I rated it "very good" on ANN.

I'm upset with Comcast, my local cable company. I had been watching Anime Network On Demand freebees for quite a while, then the link on the menu disapeared from the first page of the menu. I am partially to blame because i assumed, since it had disappeared before that it was gone again, but it had only been pushed down the emnu to the second page! Why couldn't they keep it in alphabetical order!?! I missed the forth episodes to two very good series; Jinki: Extend and Comic Party Revolution. If i had missed them on Adult Swim or regular TV, I would just dowload a fansub ep, but it is against my principles to steal from commercial free programming sources...

Welcome to the NHK... 12/25/06

Wow. This series ended at 24 eps, which was just perfect in what they wanted to portray. Welcome to the NHK comes across as an expose on the hikikomori mindset, what it takes to get there and what it takes to get out, with all the mad cap calamity that goes with it; as well as the tragedy. But it's not only the main character Satou who has issues to deal with as each of the supporting characters has his or her own baggage to bear.

It was a roller coaster ride for me as I routed for Satou and Misaki to get their acts together and was often thwarted in what I thought should have been the outcome of each episode. In the end I got what I wanted in a sense in that the lives of these two people remained intertwined as I thought they should be.

I recommend this series and rated it masterpiece on ANN's database.

The great news! 12/22/06

I have finally gotten back into checking out the forums (well actually, only one so far; ANN) and it actually took me from 7:00pm to 02:00 am to check out and post a few comments on just three pages of the anime post entries! Check it out at ANN.
The great news, though is that The Melencholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is coming to America! Check out their North America website.

Time flies when you are into anime! 11/30/06

Man, I have been deep into watching fansubs since I got my new computer! Check out the sidebar for an updated Top Ten although I catch some of them on cable and DVD if available. I had some trouble with my banner here, but I seem to have fixed it. Thanks again to April-chan for making it for me!I have determined that out of the "Giant Robot" genre of anime, I prefer the powered/mobile suit type shows rather than actual giant robots. Maybe I am wrong and should recognize a seperate "Mecha" genre? My most recent triumph has been able to watch Innocent Venus (check out the link for a synopsis!) in it's entirety; it rocks! There was a rather unexpected plot twist as well. Here's a pic of the mecha from that title:
Also notable is the title Super Mobile Legend Dinagiga which was suprisingly good although cut short at only too episodes.

Does anyone know who the did the voice for Hikari Touno? I'm dying to know!!

Oh, and I had considered trying to join animeblogger, but I have to get a bit better at this before getting on that porch...

New titles of note... 11/16/06

Two new titles I am watching worth noting are Sumomo mo Momo mo, about an overzealous ninja girl who is dead set on bedding her family's choice of husband. It's hilariously good ninja fun! Also...

Tactical Roar which is about a civilian battleship (not the Nedesico!) crewed entirely by women with a sole male chara that happens to get assigned to do upgrades...yeah. It's got what is expected (FANSERVICE!), but has some really decent battle scenes. The personal stories are great as well, so it's no Gravion type show.

Check them out!

My first manga... 11/08/06

Well, it's not exactly the first manga I have read, but it's the first one that I have been able to complete. What a manga it was! I'm speaking of Othello by Satomi Ikezawa. It's about a high school girl who is rather pensive and gets taken advantage of often. Another version of her appears to save the day with no recollection left to the poor girl. The manga is about self discovery. I definately recommend this!!

It seems I've finished another... 10/03/06

This one was a very interesting comedy named Muteki Kanban Musumi (something like Noodle Fighter Miki). Sorry I don't have a pic. It struck me as excellent because of it's use of comedic expressions, poses, and sound so artfully!

And I want that dog!
Adding the next weeks post (10/11/06):
I finished yet another couple of anime and had to quite on one other. It appears that Coyote Ragtime Show has been licensed for the US by ADV films. Although they are my favorite US distributor, I can only hope that they don't sit on the title too long (I haqd but three episodes left to view, and the action was pretty good; the DVDs will let me watch it on my big screens!) I know that titles take time to get english dubbing done and pressed for release, but I can be impatient if I want to. I have heard of some titles that they have sat on for quite some time, but seeing the rate at which they snatched up the license, I can only suspect they will follow through in a timely manner.
Finished on Select on Demand (SoD) was Demon Lord Dante which is one of Go Nagai's numbers. It was an interesting alternative story on what God and Satan could have been. It wasn't half bad and I took it for what it was; fiction, not some reconstruction effort.
Finally, I finished Zero no Tsukaima which was an endearing comedy about a boy who is stolen from earth to be the familiar of a not so gifted noble sorceress. You could tell right from the start that this was a love story, and the only enjoyment was to see just how that story would unfold. Some would like to see a second season, and I admit to that bunch.

Why are they so happy? 10/02/06

I sure ain't. My top series, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is now at an end. It was great while it lasted; it kept me in suspence and waiting patiently for the next episode.

It was innovative in it's use of question and answer archs and the level of mayhem when things picked up were intense.

So, what's next???

Happiness is... 09/28/06

Seeing the final episode of Gainax's Diebuster 2 or Top no Nerae 2, or is it? I am so grateful for being able to view it, but I must beg incessently that an American distributer pick it up, PLEASE! I must see this grandure on my big screen! I must!!

On a side-note, there was a seen at the end where the translator labelled the birds in thsi scene, Okinawan! Oh, how I miss that island paradise so...

Something different... 09/18/06

I was looking for updated anime to watch and stumbled on a rare something. It's an anime done in Flash and only runs 5 mins an episode, but it's a decent five minutes. The title is Hanoka and it's about a war between Humanity and the people from the stars in which an android, Number 7, is reluctantly thrown. Check it out on fansub.

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