Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It seems I've finished another... 10/03/06

This one was a very interesting comedy named Muteki Kanban Musumi (something like Noodle Fighter Miki). Sorry I don't have a pic. It struck me as excellent because of it's use of comedic expressions, poses, and sound so artfully!

And I want that dog!
Adding the next weeks post (10/11/06):
I finished yet another couple of anime and had to quite on one other. It appears that Coyote Ragtime Show has been licensed for the US by ADV films. Although they are my favorite US distributor, I can only hope that they don't sit on the title too long (I haqd but three episodes left to view, and the action was pretty good; the DVDs will let me watch it on my big screens!) I know that titles take time to get english dubbing done and pressed for release, but I can be impatient if I want to. I have heard of some titles that they have sat on for quite some time, but seeing the rate at which they snatched up the license, I can only suspect they will follow through in a timely manner.
Finished on Select on Demand (SoD) was Demon Lord Dante which is one of Go Nagai's numbers. It was an interesting alternative story on what God and Satan could have been. It wasn't half bad and I took it for what it was; fiction, not some reconstruction effort.
Finally, I finished Zero no Tsukaima which was an endearing comedy about a boy who is stolen from earth to be the familiar of a not so gifted noble sorceress. You could tell right from the start that this was a love story, and the only enjoyment was to see just how that story would unfold. Some would like to see a second season, and I admit to that bunch.

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