Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Too much time in forums = little time for this blog! 12/29/06

I've been catching up with the ANN anime forum lately. They have changed a bit from when I was last there (probably July?) and the rules have gotten a little stricter. They did have alot of newby posters that don't bother with rules over spring break and the summer, so it's understandable.

There are awesome hidden links to voice actor polls on the ASOS Brigade site! So far you can vote your choice for the english VA's for Mikuru and Yuki! If the studio goes with the winners of the polls, it will be a great service of and for the fans!

I finished Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars on Select On Demand recently. It was a decent title and had a decent story, but may turn out boring for some. I enjoyed all the Japanese cultural references in it and how the students coelesced in seemless unity. I rated it "very good" on ANN.

I'm upset with Comcast, my local cable company. I had been watching Anime Network On Demand freebees for quite a while, then the link on the menu disapeared from the first page of the menu. I am partially to blame because i assumed, since it had disappeared before that it was gone again, but it had only been pushed down the emnu to the second page! Why couldn't they keep it in alphabetical order!?! I missed the forth episodes to two very good series; Jinki: Extend and Comic Party Revolution. If i had missed them on Adult Swim or regular TV, I would just dowload a fansub ep, but it is against my principles to steal from commercial free programming sources...

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