Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Time flies when you are into anime! 11/30/06

Man, I have been deep into watching fansubs since I got my new computer! Check out the sidebar for an updated Top Ten although I catch some of them on cable and DVD if available. I had some trouble with my banner here, but I seem to have fixed it. Thanks again to April-chan for making it for me!I have determined that out of the "Giant Robot" genre of anime, I prefer the powered/mobile suit type shows rather than actual giant robots. Maybe I am wrong and should recognize a seperate "Mecha" genre? My most recent triumph has been able to watch Innocent Venus (check out the link for a synopsis!) in it's entirety; it rocks! There was a rather unexpected plot twist as well. Here's a pic of the mecha from that title:
Also notable is the title Super Mobile Legend Dinagiga which was suprisingly good although cut short at only too episodes.

Does anyone know who the did the voice for Hikari Touno? I'm dying to know!!

Oh, and I had considered trying to join animeblogger, but I have to get a bit better at this before getting on that porch...

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