Sunday, January 10, 2010

From the city at the edge of nowhere

I finished the second season of Black Lagoon (the Second Barrage)...

if you could get into your mind the most screwed up South Asian city and added the greatest hodge-podge of criminal chara you can imagine, that would resemble Rhoanapour. This city is the home of the Lagoon Company, an eclectic group of criminals who do all sorts of jobs if the price is right. They have one awesome tricked out PT boat. In the first season a nondescript Japanese businessman is abandoned by his company and reluctantly joins the Lagoon Company.

The second season has all the rudeness and violence of the first, but with new faces and better story arcs, it is an improvement on the first.

Pros: No holds barred violence mixed with human nature at it's lowest makes for some gritty entertainment. There is more focus on Revy in this season as well. The same haunting ED is used in this season too.

Cons: There were some really screwy chara in this one that we didn't get enough background on for the roles that they were given.

On the Z-scale, this one gets an overall 8.9!

I mostly watched the English dub which was pretty damn well done; rare for a dub.

There is an OVA coming out sometime this year which I am seriously pining for...

Go check out Black Lagoon on DVD!

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