Sunday, December 28, 2008


Yes, another monthly post!

This time I will quickly review the anime Samurai 7 which I recently finished (in a rush since I have to get it back to the Library for the other 10 people waiting for it!)...

I saw Kurosawa's Seven Samurai quite a while ago, but there were parts in this anime that gave me a feeling that they came straight out of that movie. There are only vague similarities though. Samurai 7 is set on some other futuristic world where the system of social order has become similar to fuedal Japan. The premise is the same as the movie though; seven samurai are hired to defend a village from bandits. It went well beyond that though.

If I was going to recommend any action anime to a non-anime watcher it would be this one hands down. There is a great deal of well coreographed fight scenes as well as much to do about bushido code and such. It has just the right amount of comedy to offset some of the graver material within. The mix of CG and animation is awesome. The designs of environment as well as tech stuff is pretty cool.
The chara are fleshed out pretty well.

Cons: Not many.
I would haved liked a different ending, but this being a samurai series, it required a samurai ending to it.
I was not happy with quite a few of the non-main chara designs. Heads and facial features were rather obnoxious on some of them.

I would definately recommend this to anyone! I rated it a Masterpiece on ANN...

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