Friday, September 19, 2008

Older anime...

Outlaw Star - I got the first two DVDs from the Library. That’s up to episode 9. I have to say that for an older series, it’s pretty good. These two partners (the main chara and a kid) in a do-it-all business are hired by an outlaw in disguise to be her bodyguards. They fight off pirates until she reaches a secluded warehouse where she attempts to double cross them. Failing in that she tskes them with her and her prize; an android girl that was in a case at the warehouse. It seems the android is the key to a new and powerful ship. Tracked by pirates they find the ship and due to an unexpected plot twist, the main chara becomes owner of the ship he dubs the Outlaw Star…

The thing that got me really interested in this series is that the weapons used by all are pretty cool and the minor details that really good science fiction has, the sequences for take off, having to have a ship registered and pay for port fees, ship maintenance, and properly stowing gear, etc. That kind of stuff makes it much more interesting.

A detractor is that annoying shot sequence whenever a new scene or the cut screen initiates. It’s obnoxious!

Overall I’m ready to watch more to see where this adventure takes the two (well four with the girl and the ships AI; oh, yeah, there’s five with the samurai lady…).

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