Saturday, January 5, 2008

Otaku-dom 101 post 13

I now can say that I am a sucker for anything Japanese! I have been following releases of a web comic 4koma called Habanero-tan who is a mascot for a rather spicy snack chippy ring thingy. The whole thing is super-cute and sometimes a bit risque. Here's the latest sequence of translated 4koma:

That powdered red pepper stuff that she accidentally dumped on her udon is shichimi. It consists of red pepper, roasted orange peel, yellow sesame seed, black sesame seed, Japanese pepper, seaweed, and ginger.
I just had to have some! Lucky for me, we have several asian markets around here and I happened upon it at one. So now I have shichimi on my Cup Noodles whenever I enjoy that wonderful soup. I always make sure the cap is on tight thought...
Original images can be found here (in Japanese) with translations available from the good folks at iitran translation Group.
Did I mention I also put Worcestershire sauce in my Cup Noodles?

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