Friday, May 14, 2010

It's not a daiper, it just looks like one...

I recently finished an anime about aliens. Tanpopo is a loli Manager for a minor toy company who comes to Earth to find a tester for a power suit the Galaxy Police commisioned for. Her rival is another poser suit developed by the Emerald Company. An unemployed student reluctantly takes the job and becomes Dokkoida.

I really loved the hilarity of all the heros and villians living under one roof without knowing who's who. The aliens throughout the galaxy were portrayed very oddly, especially the chief and Tanpopo's boss. Gags and goofiness abound in this satirical parody of superhero anime. The plot was solid and animated decently.

I was more annoyed than enamored by the Dokkoida power suit.

I enjoyed the catch OP, but the ED was lacking substance. Overall I give this one a 7.1 on the Z-scale.

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