Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'll start something new (well it's not really new because I tried this before) by doing short reviews of anime that I've finished watching. I'll probably post an explaination of the rating system I use in a later post...

So the first one I will do is Kampher - this anime was basically a no holds barred fanservice joyride. A guy wakes up to find a strange talking stuffed animal with it's intestines hanging out in his room and the fact that he has changed into a girl! The animal explains that he has been chosen to be a Kampher; a warrior who has to fight other Kamphers. Unfortunately for him, Kamphers can only be female. The majority of the anime is basically harem stuff and battles while the girls try to fathom the true purpose of Kamphers. The last episode was an extra semi-Christmas special where the dolls switch places with the girls and learn what it's like to be alive.

Pros: The story was really pretty interesting and the fanservice wasn't the in-your-face type like you find in shows like Queen's Blade.

Cons: The last few episodes were just lame and the story didn't end well. The extra ep was just so much fluff...

I'm rating this a 6.5 on the Z-scale (just what the Z-scale is will come later)

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Now go watch more anime!

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