Friday, November 2, 2007


Wow, has it been a month already? Where does the time go...well at an average of 24 mins each episode, to anime of course!

I've finished the following in the past month...

Code E - A girl moves to a new town and is discovered to have an effect on electronics by a genius recluse at school. He propsitions her to study her body and the antics begin. The girl who has been watching over the guy is involved and you have a nice sci-fi romantic comedy. I rated it excellent on ANN.

Doujin Work - After recently achieving adulthood our heroine dives head first into the word of doijin work; i.e. drawing erotic comics. This was a great comedy close dear to my heart; I love all anime related to otakuness!! I rated this excellent on ANN.

Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho - A new student comes to Umisho; on a raft all the way from Okinawa! SHe is seen to swim like a fish and is recruited for the swim team. It seems that the manager has met her somewhere before... I loved this show, for the comedy and fanservice, which I'm sure will be more evident in the DVD release. I rated this excellent on ANN.

Lucky Star - This show is pretty much a study of just what a bunch of high school girls are into and talk about and oh, it's hilarious! Especially when you throw in Konata and her otaku family! I rated thsi excellent on ANN. It's seems that now it has been licensed by Bandai Ent, so I'm anticipating the DVDs!

Lovely Complex - Imagine the tallest girl in school and the shortest boy in school slowly getting a groove for each other. Let the comedy ensue!! This anime has it all, comedy, romance, drama (well a little) and it's just plain funny! I rated this a masterpiece on ANN (yes, I really did!)

I also updated my top ten lists...see ya!

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