Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ouran High Scholl Host Club!

I was determined to finish Ouran High School Host Club since I had all the eps and it was well worth the effort, especially since it played on my DiVX DVD player! Most of the time anime is better viewed on a bigger screen than my laptop!

It's about a high school club at an ultra-rich school where male students entertain female students for fun and profit. Except the newest member is an exceptional but somewhat clumsy female who has little money but got enrolled somehow, only to break a vase in the clubs mysterious location, the third music room. This gets her sequestered to the club to be an imitation boy until her debt is paid off.

This show deftly uses alot of site gags and background effects you normally see in shoujo manga. The comedy and story line are constant throughout the entire series and the animation is top-notch. I rated this show a Masterpiece on ANN and it really does deserve it!

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