Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not much to update; I'm just trying to catch up after fixing a computer crash!

I did update my Desktop and Cellphone Wallpapers at right...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More finished anime!

I completed watching more anime this week.

First of all we have Pani Poni Dash! which I have on DVD. It was a riot! Stark comedy set in a whirlwind style revolving around an 11 year old MIT graduate that comes to teach high school in Japan. Oh, and she's being watched by aliens.

My favorite character from the show was definately Himeko! She was just the type of person I probably would have been in high school if I was Japanese, a girl, and in an anime...

I rated it excellent on ANN.

Next I finished Nanatsuiro Drops which is about a guy who falls for a girl who happens to become a magical girl in order to help a talking sheep doll return home to doll land. Oh, but the guy is the doll; he turns into the doll when the sun sets, but he can't tell the girl that...

It's a wonderfully romantic Maho Shoujo title with a great deal of comedy and life lessons. Get your tissues ready though...

I rated it excellent on ANN.

Lastly, I finished Gakuen Utopia Minabi Straight! which is about an overzealous high school girl and how she changes the lives of several classmates (if not the whole school!). This show has a bit of it comedy, drama, life lessons, and rock and roll too at the end. My only detractor was the chara design; I mean these girls are supposed to be 16+ years old! It was enjoyable none the less.

I rated this excellent on ANN as well.

Yoroshiku, baby!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


I updated my Wallpaper and Cell Phone images in the least I did something!!>_<

Friday, November 2, 2007


Wow, has it been a month already? Where does the time go...well at an average of 24 mins each episode, to anime of course!

I've finished the following in the past month...

Code E - A girl moves to a new town and is discovered to have an effect on electronics by a genius recluse at school. He propsitions her to study her body and the antics begin. The girl who has been watching over the guy is involved and you have a nice sci-fi romantic comedy. I rated it excellent on ANN.

Doujin Work - After recently achieving adulthood our heroine dives head first into the word of doijin work; i.e. drawing erotic comics. This was a great comedy close dear to my heart; I love all anime related to otakuness!! I rated this excellent on ANN.

Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho - A new student comes to Umisho; on a raft all the way from Okinawa! SHe is seen to swim like a fish and is recruited for the swim team. It seems that the manager has met her somewhere before... I loved this show, for the comedy and fanservice, which I'm sure will be more evident in the DVD release. I rated this excellent on ANN.

Lucky Star - This show is pretty much a study of just what a bunch of high school girls are into and talk about and oh, it's hilarious! Especially when you throw in Konata and her otaku family! I rated thsi excellent on ANN. It's seems that now it has been licensed by Bandai Ent, so I'm anticipating the DVDs!

Lovely Complex - Imagine the tallest girl in school and the shortest boy in school slowly getting a groove for each other. Let the comedy ensue!! This anime has it all, comedy, romance, drama (well a little) and it's just plain funny! I rated this a masterpiece on ANN (yes, I really did!)

I also updated my top ten lists...see ya!